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Empowered to serve, Schneider Geomatics foundation rests firmly on over six decades of trusted geomatics service. We are an organization committed to high quality and excellent service to our clients, our company, our employees and our community. As an industry partner, our aim is to reduce risk and maximize the benefits of resources for our clients associated with land, infrastructure and facility projects.


A forward-thinking and comprehensive approach to surveying and engineering.


Discover industry-leading technology and exceptional customer service.

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2012 50th John and Marilyn
2012 50th Victoria and Barry

Our History

Since its founding over 60 years ago, the Schneider Corporation has remained a family-owned business, committed to coming alongside our clients as true partners in every project and maintaining a strong, team-focused culture even as we grow.

Founder Vincent Schneider discovered his love for land surveying and civil engineering while serving in World War II. A brilliant mathematician, Vincent put himself through Purdue University on the GI Bill and became a licensed land surveyor and professional engineer, starting Schneider Engineering Corporation in 1962. Armed with just a trailer, a few men and a few pieces of surveying and calculating equipment, the firm focused primarily on residential and multi-family surveying and engineering projects in the Indianapolis area.

In 1968, Vincent’s son, John Schneider, joined the firm, taking an active role in management and growing the firm’s services into the public sector locally and regionally. Following his father’s retirement in 1982, John became President and CEO, and he and his wife, Marilyn, became owners. In 1989, Schneider began its Geographic Information Systems (GIS) department, which ultimately grew from a niche area of service to a core discipline. John and Marilyn’s children, Barry and Victoria, began working at Schneider soon after, and upon John’s retirement in 2002, they became third generation owners of the firm. Today, Barry serves as the chairman of the board while Victoria and Raul Zavaleta round out the board of directors.

In 2018, The Schneider Corporation announced the reorganization of the company into Schneider Geospatial (from the GIS and e-Government businesses) and Schneider Geomatics (from Surveying and Engineering businesses), recognizing the ongoing evolution of the businesses and allowed each to better serve its clients and employees.

In 2019, The Schneider Corporation further separated it’s two divisions. Schneider Geospatial was spun off into its own limited liability corporation leaving Schneider Geomatics as The Schneider Corporation’s single operating division. Even after the spin-off, the Schneider family maintained ownership of both entities.

In 2022 Schneider Geospatial received a significant growth investment from a private  quity firm. This investment will help Schneider Geospatial accelerate their growth and invest in enhancing their existing products and services as well as bring new  solutions to the market.

Starting with the Schneider Geospatial LLC spin-off in 2019, Schneider Geomatics’ status  as “a division of Schneider Engineering Corporation” has been upgraded. While  Schneider Geomatics started out as one of two operating divisions of The Schneider Corporation (an assumed business name of  Schneider Engineering Corp.) moving forward Schneider Geomatics will be the preferred, assumed business name of Schneider Engineering Corp.


Founded in 1962 by Vincent Schneider, The Schneider Corporation began as a Survey company before expand-ing into Engineering in the late 1960's. Serving clients in a number of industries, including land development, commercial construction. energy, and the government sectors, Schneider grew to be known for its focus on quality and customer service. Recent years have seen a continued focus on the use of technology and innovation as Schneider grows its footprint inside and outside of Indiana.

In 1985, John and Marilyn Schneider continued the legacy that Vincent had built over the prior 23 years, continuing to expand the company’s survey and engineering services footprint, as well as expand into the GIS space. Today Barry Schneider and Victoria Schneider Temple, John and Marilyn’s children, keep the family’s tradition and legacy alive and well. The Schneider family of companies has expanded its footprint to serve clients in more than 30 states.

Victoria Schneider Temple


J. Barry Schneider

PE - Chairman

Jeff Corns

GISP – President, Schneider Geospatial

Thomas Mahon

PS – President, Schneider Geomatics


Over the last 30 years, the industry of geomatics has evolved to encompass much more than traditional surveying and engineering. We are passionate about pursuing a forward-thinking approach that incorporates all the most advanced disciplines available to bring you the best possible service and make your project a success.


Our innovative geospatial solutions include leading priducts as well as a full range of GIS, technology and e-government services, helping our clients get the most out of their limited resources.

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